These days we need to rack our brains to find something that can keep our kids busy while they are at home.  We provide you with 50 easy activities to play with your kids at home; we hope that these help you.

1 Make Sponge (cake)


Cook a sponge or any other recipe with the ingredients you already have at home.

Everyone loves crispy cornflake cakes, whatever their age. Get the whole family in the kitchen to make these simple bites







  • 50 g butter
  • 100g Dark or milk chocolate
  • 100 g of cornflake
  • cupcake cases


First, break the chocolate into chunk and add into a bowl with the butter. Heat the bowl in the microwave for less than one minute, check (stir if necessary) and repeat until melted. Then, add the mix into a big bowl, followed by the cornflakes, and then mix them all together carefully (trying not to break the cornflakes).

Finally, with a spoon, pick up a small amount and place into cupcake cases. Let it cool down in the fridge for 2 hours.

If you want to have a look at more recipes click here

2 Shades Theatre

Cut out cardboard figures and stick them to a lollipop stick. Get a torch or a lamp and… let the magic start!

3 Record your own sketch

Think about an idea, choose the characters and record a scene. Don’t be shy!

4 Play volleyball with a balloon

All you need is a balloon, and you are ready to start your game!

5 Board Games

Board games are always a good opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Card games, Dominoes, Monopoly, Scrabble or even create your own game.

6 Charades

This is a classic game where you act out a movie, TV program or song and the rest of the group need to guess what it is. (Remember: no talking!).

7 Hide messages around the house

Write surprise messages and hide them around the house to catch your family off guard. If you are creative, these are sure to get a laugh.

8 Redecorate your room

Try changing the furniture layout in your room; a fresh environment can help to instill a new mindset.

9 Let’s dance!!

Choose a song, create your own choreography and smash it!

10 Portraits

One person stands while the others draw a portrait of him or her. Take it in turns. Which one looks most representative? Which one is the funniest?

11 Record your own podcast

Imagine that you have your own radio program. What would you like to tell to your listeners? What songs would you play? Record it and have fun watching it!

12 Overdubs

Pick a scene from a movie or TV program; mute the volume and over dub what they are saying in a different voice, or if you prefer, change the dialogue entirely. Remember to record it; it can be really fun to watch it afterwards.

13 Create your own song

Why not get creative with music and compose your own song?

14 Yoga

Use your phone/computer and follow a yoga class. You will be able to find plenty of free options online.

15 Costume parade

Open your wardrobe, make crazy combinations, and remember don’t be shy -everything is valid!

16 Family tree

Create your own family tree, let’s see how far can you get… (don’t forget to ask your loved ones)

17 Create your own racetrack

Get all your pens or pencils, lie them down on the floor and create a track for your toy cars.

18 Build a tent

Put together a bunch of pieces of cloth and some other materials to build a tent. You can read your favourite stories in it.

19 Write a dairy

Every day, write down what you have done. You may think this is a silly idea, but with time you would be surprised how interesting it is read back to yourself!

20 Paper aeroplanes

Build a paper aeroplane, or have a look online to find out how to make different models. Ask your family members to do it too. Now you are ready to have a competition – see whose can go the furthest!

21 Pictionary

You only need a pencil/pen and paper. Challenge everyone at home to guess what you are drawing. The first one to guess it gets a point.

22 Hairdresser Saloon

Who can make the craziest hairstyle?

23 Fairy tale

Pick one of your favourite fairy tales, ask your family members to read along with you, acting out the different voices in the story.

 24 Magazine Collage

Dust off old magazines, then cut out bits and pieces and create your own characters or backgrounds.

25 Comic

Draw and write speech bubbles to create your own comic.

26 Origami

Get a piece of A4 paper, search online the word “Origami” and you will find endless figures to make. Remember to search for easy models if it is your first time, some of them can be quite tricky!

27 Clothes designer

Draw the shape of a body on some paper, then pick some materials to cut up and create different outfits for it by sticking them on.

28 Puppets

Get a couple of old socks, draw on them or add a few accessories to make them look like characters, and let the show begin!

29 Tickling competition

Who can last longest without laughing out loud?

30 Karaoke time

Show the star that is hidden within you!

31 Let’s go to the cinema

Create the authentic cinema experience: Turn off the lights, sit in your comfiest chair, cook some popcorn, and let it roll… Shhhhh!

32 Red Light, Green Light (Escondite Inglés)

One, two, three, red light!

33 Tongue twisters (Trabalenguas)

Which is the hardest Tongue Twister you know? Challenge someone at home to say it out loud.

34 Shadow game

Choose a member of your family and copy any movements he or she does.

35 Spider web

For this game you only need tape and some sort of string. Cover the corridor like a spider web. Try to go through it without touching the ropes; you can also add ring bells to hear the sound if it is touched so there’s no cheating!

36 Character exchange

Each person chooses someone else and imitates him or her. This is impossible not to laugh!

37 Shared story

One person starts with a story for a few seconds and the next person takes over. Let’s see how crazy can it get!

38 Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? But remember if you give one you need to receive one too!

39 Poker face

How long can you stay without laughing? Set up a timer and start making funny face to your partner. How long will he or she last?

40 Build your own catapult

Grab a spoon and build your own catapult with some crumpled pieces of paper. Who can launch them the furthest?

41 Guess the song

Play the first few seconds of a song. Who is the first one to guess the name of the song and the artist?

42 Keeping balance

Pick up a piece of string or tape and try to walk over it without loosing your balance.

43 Domino effect

Set up a series of dominoes (or similar pieces) leaving one finger distance in between each one. Then one, two, three… set the chain in motion!

44 Collective drawing

Draw a few lines on some paper and ask the next person to use your drawing to finish it and draw something else.

45 Basketball

One bucket, one ball and you are ready to play. Set up as many buckets as you want around the house.

46 Name Game

Everyone grab a piece of paper and write the name of a famous character on it. Then stick your paper on someone else’s forehead, so that everyone has a secret name.  In turns, ask questions to find out who is your secret character. Remember the answers can be only yes or no.

47 Hot and cold

Hide an object, and ask someone else to find it by indicating if they are further (cold) or closer (hot) to the object.

48 Hold an Easter egg hunt

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a treasure egg hunt or hunting by names, this will surely bring out the laughter in your house and give you a glimpse of the competitive side of your kids.

49 Family Tree

Get in touch with your roots via a hands-on genealogical project. create your family tree, then start mapping your relatives.

50 DIY Race Track

Create a colorful, customizable race track for tiny cars — and a place to park them when playtime is over.

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